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Enjoy healthier water with a water treatment system from Sterling.

Enjoy Your Water More

Do you worry about what's in your water? Eliminate your worry with a softener, filter, or drinking water system from Sterling Water Treatment. L & H Services is ready to install your new or service and repair your existing water softener, filter, or drinking water system. Give us a call today!

Enjoy drinking water more with a drinking water system.

Bathe, clean, cook, and drink with healthier water.

By filtering chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants, you'll enjoy cleaner, spring-like water from every tap in the house. Enjoy softer skin and hair, free of the drying effects of chemicals. And savor the difference in the kitchen, by cooking and brewing coffee and tea with tastier, filtered water.

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Sterling Water Treatment

Residential Softeners

Sterling Water Treatment Softeners

Sterling offers various types of residential water softeners, which include: non-electric, mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, and twin tank alternating systems. Sterling manufactures softeners with 3/4”, 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” controls to handle any flow rate requirements. Below you will find a list of softeners Sterling manufacturers, along with the page and manual.

Models We Cary:

  • IM Series,
  • IMI Series,
  • HE Series,
  • Disinfector Series,
  • EM Series,
  • IFS Series,
  • INT Series,
  • PDSM Series,
  • NS Series,
  • NST Series,
  • FS Series

Residential Filters

Sterling Water Treatment Filters

Extremely difficult water problems can be corrected with the wide range of filters manufactured by Sterling. If your problem is: acid water, high iron, arsenic, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, rotten egg odor, sediment, or chlorine Sterling has the filter to handle the job. Filter systems are available in sizes that meet the flow rate needed, no matter how big the demand. Most systems do not require a chemical regenerant and use a very limited amount of water to clean the filter media.

Models We Cary:

  • OXY Series,
  • UN Series,
  • DF Series,
  • FBW Series,
  • FCF Series

Drinking Water Systems

Sterling Water Treatment Drinking Water Systems

To meet consumer demand for high quality drinking water Sterling manufactures several reverse osmosis systems and a chemical reduction unit. Most contaminants (lead, chromium, arsenic, nitrates, barium, sodium, volatile organics, cysts, viruses, etc.) can be removed or reduced with a Sterling Drinking Water System.

Models We Cary:

  • DWSB Series,
  • QCRO Series,
  • CRS-3 Series